Executive team

  • Will Koning


    “Always apply context to your customer, as Gary Vaynerchuk says: “If content is King, then context is God”


  • Ezana Haddis

    Chief of Staff

    “Put the customer first…always”


  • Brian Meta

    SDR Team Lead & Coach

    “Always focus on the value you are bringing to your client.”


  • Torron Iveson

    SDR Team Lead & Coach

    “Always be prospecting. Always add new people to the pipeline everyday.”


  • Laith Azzee

    SDR Team Lead & Coach

    “Stay present with everyone you are talking to.”


  • Trevyn Rayner-Canham

    Onboarding and Project Executive

    Do things that will “make the boat go faster”


  • Crumble

    Senior Development Dog

    “Always be positive, every dog has its day!”


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